The Polishing Of The Floor

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 In the process of construction, there is a number of different things that have to be installed in a building for a specific reason. For example, the beams and the pillars are installed in the building to help and support the structure and give the building a basic strong base to be built on.   Then, of course, the installation of the insulation is to keep the house at a normal temperature and to bring the reduction in the usage of electricity and the other energy recourses. Splashbacks are installed to give the places like bathrooms and especially the kitchen counter area a clean and chic look that is easy to maintain as well. Similarly, the installation of the polished concrete is installed basically to give the floor a finished and smooth look.

There is a usage of several machines like a concrete grinder. There number of different types of concrete grinders you can find. For example, the Metabo US606467800, Bosch CSG 15 and many more. The concrete grinder is basically used to grind any uneven area on the surface. This machine grinds the concrete to level up the floor for further process. This is one of the last final finishing touches that we give to a building. Concrete grinding is basically the first step to the concrete floor polishing. If you are from Essendon and looking for concrete floor polishing, just click here.

As we have said earlier the grinding process is to level up the surface area. So, if we learn a little more, there are two types of the process.

  1. The wet Method: In the wet method water is used to reduce the friction and help to clean the area easily after the process is completed. Due to the water, the dust particles will not be scattered all around the place and hence, will be easy to clean the space.
  2. The dry Method: In this method, there is the utilization of water. Due to which there is more friction but, a vacuum system is installed to suck all the dust particle along with the grinding. This way you basically do not need to clean the surface after the grinding process.

After the grinding process from Nexgen Concrete Grinding & Polishing, there is a proper check-up to see if there are any cracks on the floor. If there is crack, they have to be filled by means of the fillers. After all, this is done and the surface is properly levelled and there are no cracks or any other problem then we move to the next step in which we use a chemical to harden and set everything in the place and give it a proper finished looked. In the last final touches, grit resin-bond diamond is used. All thought this process may seem expensive, but it is a money-saving process because it is a lifetime guaranteed installation if maintained and checked properly.