Precautions To Take While Welding Steel

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Steel is made by mixing steel with other elements. A number of different elements can be fused with iron to convert it into steel. There are more than two dozen different kinds of steel. The properties of a certain kind of steel depends on its component parts. The component parts of steel also determine whether it can be fixed using welding. Welding is compatible with most types of steel. However, some types of steel are not well suited for welding. It is advisable to use alternative methods while dealing with those kinds of steel. Almost eighty to ninety percent of all kinds of steel are well suited for welding. Welding involves a process of heating two or more steel parts in order to join them together.

Using acetylene flame:
Welding is done using oxyacetylene flame. An oxyacetylene flame is made by mixing oxygen with acetylene. Acetylene is a combustible gas. It can be burnt to high temperature. It is very flammable. This is why it is ideal for using in steel welding. Oxygen can be mixed with acetylene to make it more effective. Oxygen helps the burning process. Oxygen is necessary for the burning process. The process of burning cannon be performed without the use of oxygen. This is why oxygen is often added to acetylene to make it more flammable. Oxygen is usually mixed into acetylene in a liquid form. Liquid oxygen is not stable at room temperature. The resulting mixture is ideal for steel welding. This is because the flame caused by the burning of oxyacetylene can be as high as two to three thousand degrees Celsius. 

The temperature of the flame used:
The exact temperature can be even higher. The exact temperature of an oxyacetylene flame depends on several factors. The average temperature of an oxyacetylene flame used for steel welding is two thousand degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature recorded for an oxyacetylene flame used for steel welding is seven to eight hundred Celsius. Under the right circumstances, the temperature of an oxyacetylene flame can be as high as three to four thousand Celsius. This temperature is ideal for steel welding.

Wearing gloves while welding hot metal parts:
You should always take the necessary precautions while stainless steel fabrication Albury. Welding steel can be very dangerous at times. It is important to be careful with hot metals. Heated steel can easily cause severe burns. This can result in serious injuries. Wearing gloves while welding steel is an example of the precautions you have to take while welding. If you fail to wear gloves, you might get your hands or arms burned. The gloves used should be one to three inches thick. They must be made of a material that is an insulator and does not absorb heat.

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